You will need to find a veterinarian before picking up your new kitten.
For those of you living in Las Vegas we highly recommend
Dr. Jon Kempf
West Charleston Animal Hospital


LAS VEGAS, NV 89117 
(702) 362-7387

7891 WEST CHARLESTON BLVD. LAS VEGAS, NV 89117 PHONE (702) 362-7387

Prepping for Your New Kitten(s)

I.) You will need to purchase the following items:

I have posted links to the ones we use and your kitten is already used to using. Click on the links to order-


Food. We feed raw food to our cats. If you want to buy from us it's $5 per pound. There are several online sellers that ship. If you want to feed canned, I recommend that you feed a grain free. This one is really good. It's all meat

Litterbox. We now use the Breeze system with wood pellets instead of what it comes with. You can buy the pellets at Lowes for $5 per bag. Make sure the pellets are kiln dried. The pellets that are not kiln dried have pine sap. Which is fatal to cats. We went from two $40 bags per week to just one $5 bag every 2-3 weeks. It is completely compostable and non toxic. No dust, No smell, and no mess. Please have 1 box per cat, plus 1 extra. If you have a big or 2 story house have a litterbox on each floor and remote locations. 


Below is a video on using the Breeze. The video is long. It's worth watching. This is so much cleaner and cheaper it is amazing.

Scratching posts. This one is great and kittens are already using one. This will save your furniture!
Cat tree. I have both of these and love them. Both clean easily and do not fall apart.
Cat carrier. This one is great. Washable, fits under any height plane seat. Doesn't look like a pet carrier.
Bathing. We use this one. It's very gentle and the cat doesn't get oily as fast.
Ear cleaner. This stuff is the best. The enzymes clean the ear deep inside.
Nail clippers. Be sure to cut the nails weekly after the bath. This will prevent you and your furniture from scratches.
II- The following items are recommended:
Heated bed The sphynx love these beds. It makes them happy and they don't sleep on your furniture
Toys. Here are a couple we like
Soft Claws. These cover the cats nail so it can't scratch up your furniture. We absolutely do not allow our cats to be declawed. Some people use these instead, They are easy to apply and don't hurt the cat.
Feeding raw. If you are going to feed raw you will need a good grinder. Here's two I highly recommend. The first is great for one or two cats. You can grind legs and thighs. The second is a real powerhouse. You can grind leg quarters whole in this one. 
III- Kitten proofing your home-
Look at your home from a kittens eyes...look for low nooks and crannies, high objects and furniture your kitten can get on top of, objects he can knock over. Make sure you change anything that can hurt or harm your cat.
Make sure all electrical cords are put away. Kittens love chewing cords.
Invest in a covered trash can or put them away. Kittens will tio over the trash and investigate.
Close toilet lids. Many kittens have drowned when they have fallen in and couldn't get out.
Always check washer, dryer, dishwasher before starting. Sphynx love to hide in a warm place. Many have died this way.
Put breakable items away. If they can't reach them now, they soon will.
Most house plants are poisonous to cats. Make sure yours are not. They love to chew on them.
Stay away from any cleaning products with pine. They are toxic to cats.
Keep liquids put away. Your kitten is bound to knock it over.
Make sure you store all cleaning products safely.
Take a look at your curtains. A few think they are Tarzan. When we had curtains I tied them up while kittens were small. 
This next picture is from a kittens stomach. It ate all this stuff and needed a $2000 surgery to remove it all. Cats will eat anything. Ribbens, bows, Qtips, cotton balls. Kleenex