$2000 all colors except

Odd eyed cats are $3000

Vet checked,vaccinated, microchipped and spay or neutered as all cats should be. 
5 year genetic health guarantee.
We pride ourselves for going above and beyond for our cats and pet families!
All kittens are raised in my bedroom.

We do not offer discounts or bargains unless we have a special needs cat or a retired breeder


Nakedkitties is different than most! While this may seem like a lot of money... it is worth it. And, you get what you pay for. 

Please take the time to read this article... you will be glad you did! 

All NAKEDKITTIES Kittens are special and different than the rest!! 


We feed organic raw food and use RO water. Our kittens are raised in a natural environment. We now use Dr Mercolas litter. It is the only completely toxin free litter on the market. Not only do you not want your cat breathing litter box toxins, you don't want your family to breathe them either. We do not use chemicals of any kind in our home.

Our kittens stay with their mother until they self wean. They play with their litter mates, our grandson and us and are fully socialized when leaving.

We have all vaccinations and deworming done by our vet. This gives your kitten numerous exams before going to your home. Many breeders do all this themselves, to save a few dollars.

Also, note that we spay or neuter our kittens using Sevoflourane anesthesia. This cost double that of a normal procedure. But, the kitten comes out of it easier with less trauma. There are far less side effects. Some of the lower priced kittens come on a spay/neuter contract. Then you have to pay for an expensive surgery and worry about the kitten afterwards. They heal faster with their mom and litter mates. We worry about all that for you. And the surgery adds another $200-$300 to the price of your kitten when you buy from a bargain breeder.

Show cats:

The parents of your kitten are from Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, Grand Champion, Regional Winning Cats. Even though your kitten was not selected to be in a show/breeding program, our kittens are still beautiful and even most the ones that go as pets could be shown. I show because we care a great deal about ensuring our cats are the best in every aspect.

All breeders used here have their hearts scanned by a board certified cardiologist yearly. Scans for a board certified cardiologist usually cost about $500 per cat. 

All breeders are DNA tested to ensure they are not carrying for certain diseases. (Color, disease profiles). 


We only have 2 adult female cats that live as pets. We are strictly a hobby breeder. They get the love and attention they deserve.


Written Contract:

  Nakedkitties kittens come with a 5 year genetic guarantee and are seen by the vet several times before you adopt your selected kitten. 


We are tested yearly to be FIV and Feline Leukemia free, our adults are periodically PCR tested for infectious diseases to ensure we have a healthy disease-free cattery. We are a closed cattery. Any new cat is quarantined until the PCR tests come back negative for infectious disease. After that they run my house and no cats are caged here.


We have learned to be objective with our cats in our endeavor to breed quality. We separate our love for the individual from our honest evaluation of that cat's good and bad points. I showed cats for a couple years before beginning to breed. I wanted to think I had a good eye for evaluating kittens.


We believe that one should always ask themselves - "Why should these two cats be mated? We do not believe that any breeding should be with the intent of creating 'just a pet' litter. Every breeding is planned based on trying to build a better cat.


We breed for show quality, but first and foremost our goal is healthy cats. We scan all breeding cats yearly for HCM and scan and analyze pedigrees for risk. Unfortunately, no one can predict when HCM may pop up. It can happen to any breeder. Beware of the ones that say they are HCM free. HCM happens in approximately 20% of all cats. Just like all living animals, there will be an occasional health issue. The sign of a good breeder is how they handle these problems. 


Nakedkitties kittens are raised with us in our bedroom - they are well socialized and trained to be great pets. They learn how to use the scratching post, my friends come over to see them so they get used to strangers. I vacuum once a day so they get used to loud noises. They are taken for car rides to ensure they learn how to travel ok. The kittens have tons of human contact and I raise 1 litter at a time so they get all the attention they need and deserve. My grandson lives with me. You will find him in his car bed with a bunch of kittens on many mornings. 


I am always available after the sale for any problems or concerns you may have. I can not tell you how many times people call and write about a kitten they bought elsewhere and the breeder offers no support. Keeping track of my kittens is a huge part of my life. I do not breed over and over like the kitten mills do to make money. There are not enough hours in the day for them to keep track of all the cats they have produced. I have had people say they wish they had bought from me, as the price difference wasn't worth the service. Think customer service at Neiman Marcus and at Dollar Store. I want you to be happy and love your kitten. My pets are the result of breeding for healthy, well adjusted and showable cats. The pets  are the ones that I can't keep for my breeding program. 



All kittens are carefully placed into loving, responsible homes. If you are interested in adopting a kitten or cat, please email me and then I will set up a time to have a phone conversation with you. I feel it is best that we get to know each other before I place a cat/kitten in a home. We prefer to place locally, but we will consider great homes further away. We want you to be part of our cat family. I am friends with many of our pet owners. We expect occasional pictures and updates. We also need to know if your cat has any problems to help our breeding process. I hand deliver my kittens for the price of the airfare. We do encourage you to be on our waiting list as we have few litters a year. If there is a serious interest or a deposit is accepted, then we can arrange for a visit to my home.



A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold the cat. Deposits must be received in order for me to hold your kitten. This deposit shows a serious interest in the kitten and I am also then required not to place the cat with anyone else and I refer potential pet buyers elsewhere for their kittens. Please note that deposits are not refundable for any reason. Please be sure you want a kitten before placing a deposit. The only exception is if the cat you chose becomes unavailable for some reason on my end, In that case I will refund your money if desired or transfer it to another kitten.


When I place my kittens, I want to hear about them as often as you like to tell me. I always want contact and I am willing to offer any assistance with anything you may need with your cat. So, you have my support always! This is priceless.


As all kittens should be, they are microchipped, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated.


Do not

buy a kitten on a spay/neuter contract. This is the first clue that the breeder does not care about the welfare of their kittens. A ethical hobby breeder cares and always alters before placement. We do not want to contribute to accidental "pet only" litters, which are not screened for genetic or contagious disease. These backyard breeders use two cats that were purchased as "not for breeding" and breed them anyway. 


All breeders used here have their hearts scanned by a board certified cardiologist yearly. Scans for a board certified cardiologist usually cost about $500 per cat. 


All breeders are DNA tested to ensure they are not carrying for certain diseases. (Color, disease profiles). 


I keep only 2 adult cats at any given time so they get the love and attention they deserve.


*You cannot assume you will get this somewhere else. Some catteries have every color, lots of litters and cheap kittens. I have heard of breeders with over 30 to 50 cats. Some of them are smart and just have 4-5 cats on their website and really have a lot more. Check out any breeder well! I have no idea how those cats can possibly be socialized and loved! Also, if one cat were to get sick in a mill it would be impossible to treat them all. Infectious disease is likely rampant. If you purchasing from them, it is helping keep a kitten mill sustained.

  If I am not local enough for you, or you cannot wait to get a kitten, or I do not have kittens available - I will gladly refer you to someone reputable who you will get a fantastic kitten from. You




Pet kittens are placed in their new homes at 12-16 weeks. Cats should not be placed until they are at least 12 weeks old as they are not developed enough.


Please see "Finding a Reputable Breeder" on my website and also "Sphynx FAQs"

CFA only recognizes Sphynx and the ONLY hairless cats recognized by TICA are Sphynx and Peterbalds. Any other type of hairless cat is not.

            Retirees Ocasionally Available


We accept check, or cash for deposits. Sorry, we can no longer accept Paypal. Once a cat is selected for purchase a $500 deposit is required. The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE, unless for some reason your kitten becomes unavailable for health reasons you may choose a full refund or different kitten.
Final payment in cash upon delivery.

The contract and CFA/and orTICA papers must be signed at time of delivery.
All deposit money will be subtracted from the price of the cat.