.Please email me at Nakedkitties@yahoo.com to inquire about kittens/cats.

and please fill out this quick questionnaire:

First Name:

Last Name:

Phone Number:

Email Address:

City, State you reside in:

Preferred Age:

Preferred Sex: (Please note! Altered males do not usually spray and I think make more loving pets!)

Color Preferences: (While it is nice to get the color you want, it is better to have several options of color that you like.)

Personality Preferences:

Have you or anyone in your house ever had allergies?:

Time Expect to Adopt Sphynx:

Why are you interested in adopting a Sphynx?

Have you had any prior experience with the Sphynx, and if so, what kind?

Do you have any other pets? If so, what kind? How long?

Do you have previous experience with cats?

Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter? If so, why?

If you have cats, do you let them outside and under what circumstances?

If you have/had cats, are they declawed?

Do you plan to declaw your cats/kitten?

Do you own your home? If renting are pets allowed?

Will the cat be home alone for long hours daily? Sphynx love attention and will not be happy alone for more than the normal workday. Actually they do better with another cat to cuddle with.