At Nakedkitties we feed a totally raw diet to all our animals. Not one drop of commercial food is fed here ever. I know of too many pets who got sick and died from the last pet food recall. Google "elephant in pet food " and you will be horrified. They actually use the carcasses of euthanized pets to make this crap in cities with factories. Nakedkitties cats eat my own formula. I started out with this recipe at
  The Catnutrition recipe is fantastic. I highly recommend it for new raw feeders. But after more than 8 years of raw feeding I basically follow my own recipe. I have found what works and my Sphynx have that nice round belly. They do not have greasy skin or waxy ears. I believe this is from the raw feeding.
      I am not going to go on about all the great attributes to the feeding. Go check out the website. 

Here is my basic recipe
10 lbs organic chicken thighs with bone and skin
Cheapest I have found is at Costco
  1 pound organic organ meat-
  I like to do livers, gizzards and hearts. However, sometimes I can not find gizzards and hearts, then I use just livers. I also use beef hearts when I can find them. It is VERY hard to find organic offal. I source mine from farms in Utah. Sometimes organic is not possible
  1 pound organic beef-
 With the grinder I now have the leg quarters go right through with no chopping. I make all my food once a month and freeze it. I then take out a fresh container every night and place in the refrigerator to thaw. I have a huge freezer and try to keep food at least 3 weeks out. Freezing will kill anything in the raw meat after 2 weeks. However, I admit that sometimes I run out. And in an emergency feed ground turkey or chicken from the market. This is extremely rare and not good to feed without the bone ground in. But I feel if it is for one meal it is still better than commercial cat food.

I also give them a raw chicken wing to chew on twice a week and a large raw beef cube daily. Additionally, I give them a sardine once or twice a week for the oils. The beef will keep you from having those expensive teeth cleanings done. I put them in the bathtub with the chicken wing, so they don't get raw chicken germs all over my house.
I have had numerous grinders. I had various problems with them  all, except-
The Tasin, It is a great grinder for the price. I used it for several years before I bought a bigger grinder.
Since I make 120 lbs or more at a time I bought a Weston 32. The 32 is huge and heavy. I can not lift the Weston 32 and can only grind if my husband is home to put on the counter. If I was grinding for only one-two cats I would buy the Weston 22

Here's the three grinders I have used. I have had many and these are the best! 

The Tasin
Weston 32
Weston 22